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Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard Comfort

The Razer Lycosa gaming keypad is not like other gaming keyboards @ thetechinsider. It’s keys are coated with rubber, which makes them very comfortable to play with. Three configurations for backlighting make the Razer Lycosa very flexible. The keys can also be configured with macros for each key through the software that comes with the Razer Lycosa. Gamers who can touch type will appreciate what this keypad has to offer. You’ll need to study the setup manual before you install the Razer Lycosa. It needs two USB ports for the video, and the audio requires separate inputs so that you can hook up a microphone or headset. There is an extra USB port on the Razer Lycosa itself. It would have been a little more comfortable if the Razer Lycosa had just one more USB port available.

The driver and software install pretty easily, but you may need a magnifying glass for some of the smaller type. It is mainly for using the macros – you can use the backlighting and media controls on the Razer Lycos without any extra software.

If you’re not a touch typist you’ll need to use the backlight feature. The trouble is, the backlighting is so faint that it’s really hard to see if there’s light in the room you’re playing in. When the backlight isn’t on, it’s really difficult to see which keys are which. The best way to use the Razer Lycos is in a dim or darkened room. There is one of the backlight profiles that illuminates the W, S, A, and D buttons and leaves the rest dark which can come in handy no matter what the lighting is like in your room.

Once you get the software installed and everything plugged in, you’ll be pleased to find that the macro software can be programmed to make any key do the work of multiple keys. You can also press 3 or more keys at once. The Razer Lycos doesn’t include dedicated macro keys, but that helps keep the size down to a reasonable level.

The Razer Lycos is an attractive keyboard, and its rubber coated keys make it comfortable to use for extended periods of time. One of the drawbacks to its design is that the hand rest causes you to sweat, which can be unpleasant. Touch typists who are hard core gamers will appreciate the macro possibilities and the relatively small size of the keypad.

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